Host a Gold Party in Your Home, Have Fun, Make Money, Repeat! - Your Chicago Gold Party
Make Money Hosting a Party
  • Earn money while having fun.
  • Help your friends make money.
  • Host receives 10% of all money paid out that day, plus other bonuses.
  • Host receives $150 bonus for each guest that books their Gold Party and holds their party within 30 days.  (Subsequent party must have at least $2,500 paid out).
  • Host receives a $100 bonus when total payout is over $5,000.
  • Host receives another $50 bonus for every $1,000 over $5,000 that is paid out.
  • Nothing to lose but unwanted jewelry.
  • Dual Party - Works great when hosting with other parties such as Legal Shield, Longberger, Avon, Amway, AdvoCare, Mary Kay, Monavie, Pampered Chef, Cookie Lee Jewelry, purse party, candle party, etc. 
  • Example - pays out $8,000 to guests.  Host will receive 10% ($800), plus $100 bonus (for exceeding $5,000 payout), plus $150 ($50 for each $1,000 over $5,000) for a total of $1050.  Plus, money received for Gold the host sold. And, additional bonus for parties that are booked at the host's party!
  • Typical party will pay out $5,000 to guest.  Many Gold Parties pay out more.
  • Dual party with exisitng MLM. Your guest will have instant cash to buy other products!
                      Telephone: 331.441.GOLD(4653)